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Professional Dog Training Can Save You Thousands of Dollars In Damaged Valuables, Years Of Embarrassment, Frustration, And Disappointment!
Now Your Dog Can Be Obedient, Follow Your Commands, And Make You Proud In Front Of Strangers & Friends Alike
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Are You Experiencing The Following Challenges With Your Dog? We Can Help You Fix ALL Of These Challenges & Create A Great Relationship With Your Dog:
We can help fix all of these dog behavior challenges and more!
Boundary Training
Car & Traveling Problems
House Breaking
Jumping Up
Leash Pulling
Puppy Problems
“Going” Inside...
“Going” In The Wrong Area...
Separation Anxiety
And Other Issues!
Avoid Having To Replace Damaged Valuables And Save Thousands In Dollars By Training Your Dog Not To Destroy Things You Love:
Dogs can easily bite, chew or damage so many valuable household items...
  • Beds Posts
  •  Fitness Trackers
  •  Shoes
  •  Anything On A Side Table
  • Belts
  •   Headphones
  •  Sandals
  • Couches
  •  Lounge Chairs
  •  Watches
  • Dining Chairs & Table
  •  Remotes
  •   Anything On The Ground
4 Great Reasons To Work With Us:
Science-Based Proven System
 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
 Customized Training Packages
Work With Us From The Comfort Of Your Home
15,000+ Dogs A Year Graduate From Sit Means Sit Nation Wide.
Here Are 3 Quick Facts To Help You Decide Why Professional Dog Training Can Save You Thousands of Dollars, Years Of Embarrassment, Frustration, And Disappointment!
Untrained Dogs Bite, Chew, And Damage Valuable Items Resulting In Thousands Of Dollars In Losses
A Dog that’s not trained does not really know the difference between a toy that he can play with  and something isn't.

If they knew any better, they probably wouldn’t do it in the first place! 

By training your Dog early you can potentially save thousands of dollars in saving from damaged shoes, watches, belts, headphones, beds, couches, and anything else they see lying around! 

Rather than having to constantly be upset with your Dog and replacing valuable household items, a trained Dog can simply tell the difference between what’s a toy and what’s not, making your life so much easier!
You May Have To Deal With Years Of Embarrassment, Frustration, And Disappointment Because Of Your Dog
You see, you don’t have to feel embarrassed every time you take your dog out for a walk in the neighborhood because he starts barking at all other people and dogs, pulling the leash seemingly out of control. 

What about those moments when people come over and your dog is barking non-stop jumping all over them? 

Or every time you are eating, your dog starts pawing you demanding food? 

It’s not fun at all… Right?

You can avoid the years of frustration and disappointment by allowing us to professionally train your Dog today!
You Can Have An Obedient Dog That Follow Your Commands And Make You Proud In Front Of Strangers & Friends Alike!
It really is possible to train your Dog in a way he’s very obedient and in tune with you, following your commands, listening to you on-demand, and all the while having fun along the way. 

It’s said that some breeds can literally learn hundreds of commands if you take the time to train them. Imagine being able to tell your Dog a variety of different commands for function or fun — and your Dog following your commands instantly, without hesitation, and perfectly done every single time! 

That’s the impact that Professional Dog Training can have on you and your Dog’s life, allowing you to smile every single time when friends, family, and even strangers give you compliments!
8 Ways Professional Dog Training Can Help You And Your Dog Enjoy An Amazing Relationship:
8 Ways Professional Dog Training Can Help You And Your Dog Enjoy An Amazing Relationship:
 Create A Deep Bond Between You And Your Dog
 Train Your Dog To Instantly Follow Your Commands
 Avoid Arguments With Loved Ones Due To Your Dog
 Help Your Dog Become Consistently Obedient
 Help Your Dog Define Clear Boundaries & Rules
 Teach Your Dog Plenty Of Cool & Fun Tricks
 Help You Get Compliments From Strangers & Friends
 We will only Board Dogs That We Have Fully Trained
We Proudly Serve The Following Zip Codes In OK:
"Don't see your location? Sit Means Sit has 135+ locations across the US and Canada. Find a Sit Means Sit Dog Trainer near you."
Here's what satisfied dog owners have to say about Sit Means Sit:
Max - Testimonial
"Max was 13 weeks old when I got him and every other German Shepherd had always been 6 weeks old when I got them. 

So he was already a little bit down the road in terms of independence and was a little more of a difficult dog to train, he's the first of my dogs who I've had a difficulty obeying my commands. 

He's been through several trainers that he didn't have success with but I kept looking for an answer until I found Sit Means Sit. 

I'm amazed that just after a few days working with him, he's been fantastic! I appreciate everything Sit Means Sit has done for us and I look forward to seeing how this helps us in our relationship."
Jack - Testimonial
"Jack went from being an aggressively angry Poodle to being a really well-behaved dog.

I noticed this morning when I was walking him, he's not getting triggered by other people. He's walking with his little mouth open just looking around. Before if somebody came up behind us running then he would keep looking back behind and people would tell me he's scared.

He no longer does that!!! He's more confident, calmer and happier.

It used to be not a relaxing thing to me but that's changed thanks to Sit Means Sit, everything's changed. Even when he sees other big dogs, he no longer lunges at them.

The training has taught him to listen to me and see me as his Alpha. I would definitely recommend you guys 150% and it's made the biggest difference."
Aspen - Testimonial
"Before training Aspen was a little bit rambunctious, he did not listen to us at all. 

We struggled with uncontrollable barking in the evenings, he would pull our blankets off and we ended up having to bribe him with treats a lot!!! He's much better walking on a leash, going on walks is much more enjoyable now and he's much more pleasant at home. 

The thing we were most impressed with as a result of the training was the ability to have the ability to communicate with him.

We are much happier and our lives are much less stressful thanks to the training. We highly recommend Sit Means Sit,  we struggled for 2 and a half years thinking he would calm down so our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner."
Meet Your amazing Dog Training Team:
Lukas Miller
 Lukas dog, Dutch Shepard/Black lab 2years old 
Head trainer
2year old dragon from never ending story 
Torric’s dog 2year old Belgian Malinois
Kaylie’s Dog. Mal/German Shepard 8months old
Lukas Miller
 Lukas dog, Dutch Shepard/Black lab 2years old 
Frequently Asked Questions:
How Much Does Your Training Cost?
Our training programs vary considerably from dog to dog and location to location. They vary both in the structure and layout of our programs as well as in the cost and duration of the training. 

There are a number of factors that we evaluate prior to creating your customized training package such as your dog’s age, temperament, previous training, as well as your desired goals and how quickly you want to start seeing results.
What Type Of Training Methods Do You Use?
We use the most cutting edge approach to dog training and behavioral modification. 

The Sit Means Sit mission:

"Revolutionizing the quality of life with happy, obedient, and confident dogs."

With this mission in-mind, we customize our training approach to meet with our customer’s personality as well as what will result in the best possible training experience for both dog and owner.

Everything we do centers around giving you the most enjoyable experience possible as you turn your Doggie into a Doggie Rockstar!!!
What Type Of Training Classes Do You Offer?
We have different training programs and training options available. Some examples of training programs offered are:

+ Private Lessons
+ Group Lessons
+ Day N' Train Program
Puppy Training Programs
+ FREE Lifetime Followup Lesson
Custom Packages Also Available
Do You Train The Dog Or Do We Learn How To Train Our Dog?
We offer both styles of training. 

With either of these programs, it is necessary for the owners to go through follow-up training with their dog to learn how to problem solve and maintain their dog’s training for life.

There is a common misconception that many people hold that once a dog is trained he will robotically go through the motions every-time he is commanded to do so. Reality is that it isn't always so easy, that why it's important to have an EXPERT in your corner helping you every step of the way...

Sit Means Sit training will allow you to say solve your Doggie Frustrations for good.
Do You Offer Housebreaking?
We train dogs of every age (including teaching those old dogs some new tricks), small dogs as well as big dogs. You can contact us today to set up a free demonstration and consultation with your dog.
I Have A Sensitive And Fearful Dog. Can Your Training Still Help Me?
Dogs that are sensitive or fearful (they may or may not display submissiveness or fear-based aggression) have unique circumstances that need to be addressed through clear and non-confrontational dog obedience training. Dogs that display either introverted or extroverted behavior that is based on fear can prove very difficult to train especially without the proper guidance and coaching. 

You have to really build the confidence of your dog starting with simple obedience exercises and other learned behavior. Once you gain your dog's trust through communication using the Sit Means Sit dog training system then it becomes very EASY. 

When dealing with high emotion dogs such as these, it is important to maintain clear communication, but without bringing confrontation into the mix. Confrontational training can only push a dog further into their protective ‘shell’. By teaching the dog how to focus their energy and attention on their obedience commands, it takes their mind off of the distractions that cause them to become fearful.

Seeing is believing. We have a variety of dog training videos showing the effectiveness of our dog training system with sensitive and fearful dogs. We also offer a free demonstration with your dog before you decide if our training is right for you.
Learn More About Us By Checking Out The Videos Below:
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